Concerning the Nag Hammadi Library (The Nag Hammadi Scriptures)

Concerning the Nag Hammadi Library (The Nag Hammadi Scriptures)

The Nag Hammadi Library, an accumulation of thirteen ancient books (called „codices”) containing over fifty texts, had been found in top Egypt in 1945. This important development includes|discovery th a multitude of primary „Gnostic Gospels” – texts once considered to have now been totally damaged throughout the early Christian find it difficult to determine „orthodoxy” – scriptures such as for example the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip, therefore the Gospel of Truth. The breakthrough and interpretation associated with the Nag Hammadi collection, initially finished in the 1970’s, has supplied impetus to an important re-evaluation of very early Christian history and the type of Gnosticism.

For the introduction towards the Nag Hammadi breakthrough additionally the texts in this library that is ancient we provide a few resources. First, read an excerpt from Elaine Pagels’ exemplary introduction that is popular the Nag Hammadi texts, The Gnostic Gospels. Then, for a synopsis for the Gnostic scriptures and a conversation of ancient Gnosis, check this out excerpt from Dr. Marvin Meyer’s introduction towards the Gnostic Bible. For another brief basic overview, we provide an Introduction to Gnosticism plus the Nag Hammadi Library by Lance Owens.

The Gnostic Society Library Bookstore provides a selection of the foremost books on the Nag Hammadi library and Gnostic tradition for further reading.

Texts within the Collection:

All of the texts discovered at Nag Hammadi can be found in the Gnostic Society Library; the collection is indexed in alphabetical order, and also by location within the codices that are original. An interest classified variety of the writings can be given just below. You may possibly search the collection that is entire of for key words or expressions utilizing our customized Nag Hammadi Research function. Read more